Thursday, 30 November 2023

Residents save emissions through donations

Daglish and Jolimont residents recently saved 32 tonnes of carbon emissions just by donating items to Good Sammy’s through a household collection service trial.

Participating residents kindly gave over 1150kg in donations, the majority of which were resaleable and reusable, giving these items a second chance at life.

Good Sammy’s rolled out the household collection service trial in Daglish and parts of Jolimont to make donating pre-loved clothing, accessories and shoes easier for residents.

The team delivered (via an e-trike) a yellow bag to households who then filled the bag (and up to four other bags) and put it near their letterbox for collection.

Mayor David McMullen said this initiative benefits community and the environment.

“Not only is this a great way for people to offload surplus household items and clothing; it also helps create a more circular economy and is an opportunity to contribute to the good work done by Good Sammy’s,” he said.

“Based on the success of this trial, we will work with Good Sammy’s to expand the reach of this service within our City.”

Keep an eye on the City’s website and Facebook page for details of future collections. You can find more information on sorting your waste and recycling here or on the West Metro Recycling Centre website. Find more information on Good Sammy’s and donating directly here.
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