Thursday, 08 February 2024

E-permit parking system progress update

Introduction of e-permits in the City of Subiaco has been many years coming. The rollout commenced in August 2023 with digital commercial parking permits, followed by residential, visitor and temporary parking permits in November 2023.

The system is part of the City’s plans to improve parking opportunities for people living and working in Subiaco during business hours. The new e-permit system will help to maximise the number of available parking spaces during working hours by ensuring both residents' and visitors' parking spaces are being used in accordance with City rules.

While the rules and restrictions around parking permits have not changed, the new system makes it easier to detect misuse – whether intentional or unintentional – and ensures people are on the best type of permit for their individual needs.

To date, over 2,000 households have successfully moved to the new system which is 93.5 per cent of permit holders.

Since November, the City has been receiving helpful feedback from residents about the e-permit system and has been sharing it with our technology provider. Thanks to this feedback, our technology provider will make a range of improvements to help make the system more user friendly.

The City understands that the introduction of any new technology can present challenges for people who are accessing it for the first time and acknowledges that no new technology is perfect.

Subiaco Mayor David McMullen said, “All Councillors, and myself, hear the feedback good and bad, on all issues that affect our City. This one is no different; and in addition to other peoples’ feedback we each have our own firsthand experiences seeking parking and using permits, as residents of the City.

“For users of certain types of e-permits (such as commercial), we understand the change has been a positive one due to the ease and speed with which these permits can now be obtained (compared to old manual processes). For visitors permits, there are challenges in the everyday user experience to navigate; and staff assistance is available.

“The City’s Compliance Team is not only available but welcomes the community to get one on one help when they need it. Persons who are unable or don’t have access to a computer or electronic device, but require e-permits, can discuss their circumstances with the team.”

If you would like more information about the new e-permit system, please visit the dedicated section on our website or call the team on 9237 9222 or email them via
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