Monday, 17 May 2021

Volunteer celebrates 20 years of See Subi on Sunday walks

This year marks 20 years of the popular See Subi on Sunday walking tours which means 20 years of volunteering for the passionate local behind the walks – Marion Gathercole.
While these walks are now a City institution, Marion admits she never actually set out to be a volunteer but she needed to do a community project for a course she was undertaking and her regular walks sparked an idea one day.
“I used to walk around the City a lot and I realised by walking, not driving, there were all these interesting things I saw,” Marion said.
She only planned for one walk to help show others the hidden gems she had discovered on her walks but 60 people showed up including then mayor, Tony Costa, who emceed the walk which started at the museum and travelled down Rokeby Road.
After the first walk, Marion realised there was a lot of interest for these walks so she did another and another.
Twenty years down the track and Marion continues to help share Subiaco’s stories, history, heritage, character and beauty through six walks each year.
The popularity of the walks have endured in no small part to Marion’s creativity and inspiration, exploring new areas, stories and ideas so that no two walks are ever the same. Participants are also encouraged to share their own stories, experiences and connections with the group.
“Whenever I take people for walks I am always amazed when they say: ‘I come this way all the time and I have never seen that’ – I love making people look up and see the City,” Marion said.
“Subiaco has character and charm and amazing history and heritage, and I think people need to be reminded where we came from and what we value.”
The City is proud to support the See Subi on Sunday walks and would like to thank Marion for her invaluable contribution to the community.
The walks are held bi-monthly from July through to May. They are suitable for all ages and run for about an hour and a half.
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