Monday, 15 February 2021

Update on 424-436 and 440 Hay Street

A structural engineer with heritage expertise and conservation experience will be urgently engaged to undertake an assessment of the properties at 424-436 and 440 Hay Street after a decision at tonight’s Special Council Meeting.

The report, which will be presented to Council for consideration as soon as possible, will focus on whether it is possible and, if so, the methods that could be used to stabilise, remediate, make safe or retain the parts of the building that preserve its heritage values.

If this is possible, these parts of the building could potentially be retained, stored or possibly reconstructed as part of any future development at this location.

The exclusion zone, which has closed Hay Street between Rokeby Road and Catherine Street to traffic since Saturday 13 February, will remain in place until the area is deemed safe by a structural engineer.

Business vibrancy is a key priority for the City, and the next steps will be worked out urgently to minimise disruption. Pedestrian access to Hay Street businesses will be available at all times.

  • The City is in receipt of two reports prepared by separate structural engineers that indicate that the buildings at 424-436 and 440 Hay Street are unstable and at risk of collapse.
  • The facades of both properties are leaning towards Hay Street and monitoring shows that the buildings are in an active state and continuing to move.
  • The buildings are in a heritage area.
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