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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Treasures uncovered as Subiaco Museum starts major project

Subiaco Museum staff have been uncovering treasures from the past after kicking off a collection management project to bring more diversity to future exhibitions and create an online catalogue of objects.
The museum has over 8500 objects recorded in its collections – many of which have not been removed from storage for some time.
The collection management project will not only update the City’s records but also enable City staff to identify objects in need of conservation and to take photos of each item for a new online catalogue.
“One of the problems we’re fixing is an old way of record keeping which used two-digit year accession numbers,” Coordinator Museum Services Jessica Marantelli said. “This was the standard in the 1970s and 1980s and Australian museums realised they had a problem once we hit the year 2000.
“Once we’ve catalogued and checked our item records, we’ll start digitising and photographing our objects before safe housing and boxing.”
Museum staff have already uncovered some treasures including:
  • 1903 Dinner Gong presented to the Mayoress Mrs J C Daglish by S. Flatt Wall and Co – contractors for the Subiaco Electric Light Supply which was housed in what is now the museum building
  • 1900 musical instrument: 'Hohner's Accordeon' (accordion) with 10 keys and mother of pearl buttons
  • a number of beautiful cameras.

“We have many more boxes to uncover and we’re looking forward to finding more treasures donated by City residents over the years,” Ms Marantelli said.
Only about 5 per cent of the museum’s collection is on display at any one time but items may be viewed by the public upon request.
If you think you have a photograph or an artefact that is significant in representing Subiaco’s rich history, please contact the museum on (08) 9237 9351 or email to discuss your potential donation.
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