Friday, 25 March 2022

The City turns 125

Tomorrow marks 125 years since Subiaco became a municipality.

Subiaco was first settled by Benedictine monks in 1851, but it wasn’t until 26 March 1897 that it was proclaimed a municipality with 388 houses listed in the 1897 ratebook.

Henry Doyle – who was the Board of Health chairperson – was sworn in as the first mayor on 5 June.

In 1899, the first permanent building for the council was constructed on a block that became known as Civic Square, which is where the current Administration Centre still resides.

Mayor David McMullen said Subiaco has a rich history.
“It’s fitting to pause and reflect on this milestone, to appreciate where we've come from and what we've achieved as a district, a local government and a community,” he said.
“We have a rich history; some of the richest around this part of the world. I know a lot of our community share this view, and are passionate about and proud of Subiaco's history.
“Today's Council and staff are stewards. Many have come before and will come after us. We are optimistic about continuing to contribute to Subiaco’s story through the good work done by the City and our community every day.”

A brief history…

1851 Subiaco was settled by a group of Benedictine monks who name it New Subiaco after Subiaco, Italy
1881 The name Subiaco was adopted for a railway station near the monastery and then for the cluster of houses and businesses nearby
1896 Subiaco Progress Association was established; they lobbied for the formation of the Subiaco Road District
1896 The population of the district was more than 2000 people, allowing Subiaco to apply to become a municipality
1897 Approval was received on 22 February to become a municipality; Subiaco was gazetted on 26 March
1940s The Municipality of Subiaco was eligible to become a city (population was greater than 20,000 and its annual revenue was greater than £20,000)
1952 On 8 February, the City of Subiaco was gazetted
1975 Evelyn Helena Parker was elected mayor; she was the first elected woman mayor in WA and only the second in Australia

If you’re interested in reading more on the history of Subiaco, Ken Spillman’s book ‘Identity Prized: A History of Subiaco’ is well worth a read or our friendly Subiaco Museum are always happy to help out with research requests.

Pictured: The first Subiaco Municipal Council – Mayor Mr. H. Doyle, Councillors A.V. Shaw, J.M. Baird, W.J. Kensitt, J. Lake, R. Gee, T.W. Hetherington, C.G. Fisher, J.C. Henson, J. Murdoch.  This photo also includes the Town Clerk, W.W. North and the Rate Collector, J. Kevan

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