Friday, 14 July 2023

Survey reveals City is leading the way

The City of Subiaco is leading the way with industry highs in 17 areas and an 87 per cent positive rating as a governing organisation in the latest Community Scorecard results.

The independent scorecard survey is conducted annually using an external consultancy to evaluate community priorities, gain important community feedback and insight, and measure performance against key indicators within the Strategic Community Plan 2017 – 2027 with results benchmarked against other WA local governments.

Industry highs this year – as scored by the community – include Subiaco Library; tree management; festivals, events, arts and cultural activities; local roads; recognition of cultural diversity; and support for local businesses.

Most improved from last year include efforts to promote the area, and the City as a place to work or operate a business.

As a place to live, survey respondents gave a 99 per cent positive rating and a performance index score of 88 – equal with last year’s score which was the highest since the City started participating in the scorecard.

Mayor David McMullen said these results were hard-earned recognition for the dedication of both Elected Members and City administration staff.

“The City came out as the third top local government authority for overall performance which is a huge achievement. It’s not a competition, but I do think it’s appropriate we acknowledge the group effort that has resulted in our ‘podium finish’,” he said.

“This demonstrates that we’re delivering value for our ratepayers through high quality services and amenities, and listening to what our community wants; and the community is seeing the benefits. There was a high participation rate in this year’s scorecard, and the stats paint a clear picture. This type of feedback is some of the most important feedback – because it comes directly from the community whom we represent.

“I’m especially proud to see the score for ‘Leadership by the Mayor and Councillors’ – which has increased for the second year in a row to a 76 per cent positive rating. The cumulative increase from 2021 (when that rating sat below 50 per cent) is substantial. This is a direct reflection of how the current Council is leading the City.

“The results are no accident or coincidence. When good people do good work, the community sees great outcomes.”

A number of other areas achieved over a 90 per cent positive rating from the community including Lords Recreation Centre (95%); Subiaco Museum (93%); playgrounds, parks and reserves (94%); how local history and heritage is preserved and promoted (93%); volunteer recognition and support (92%); and the City as a place to live (99%). 

“We’ve seen substantial positive movement two years in a row now,” Mayor McMullen said.  “Maintaining the customer satisfaction indefinitely is a challenge which the City will rise to – by continuing to listen to our community and focussing on priorities that matter to the community.

“Many of these we’re already working on, and I hope that Council’s strategic planning and close work with our senior staff will have really meaningful positive impact out in the community going forward.”

The scorecard was open to the public from 24 April to 12 May 2023 via Have Your Say Subiaco – the City’s dedicated engagement hub. In addition, invitations were sent directly to a random selection of local residents and businesses.

The scorecard was completed by 746 community members, including 74 local businesses.

View the full scorecard results here.


The City of Subiaco is leading the industry in 17 areas:

  1. Online engagement portal (Have Your Say Subiaco)
  2. Talk about Subi (printed newsletter)
  3. Subiaco Scene (fortnightly page in The Post)
  4. Services and facilities for families and children
  5. Multiculturalism: recognition of cultural diversity
  6. Subiaco Library
  7. Festivals, events, art and cultural activities
  8. How local history and heritage is preserved and promoted
  9. Local roads
  10. Streetscapes
  11. Lighting of streets and public places
  12. Access to public transport
  13. Tree management (protection, planting and maintenance)
  14. Animal management (dogs and cats)
  15. Efforts to promote the area as a desirable place to live, work and visit
  16. Place to work or operate a business
  17. Support for local businesses
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