Thursday, 25 March 2021

Subiaco mayor to continue to be popularly elected

The City will not be changing the current method of election of the mayor after a decision at Council this week.

Council considered whether or not to proceed with a poll of electors after a six week public consultation period which showed 53.4 per cent of submissions supported the current method.

The mayor is currently popularly elected by the community; the alternative approach is for councillors to select a mayor from amongst themselves.

"Many people took the time to contact me about changing the method of election of the mayor, incredulous that Council could be considering such a proposal," Mayor Penny Taylor said. "Council's decision to not go out for a poll on the issue was in line with the majority of the community feedback."

The decision comes after a proposal was presented to Council in November 2020 requesting consideration of a change to the way the mayor is elected in the City, starting a legislative process to determine the outcome. 

A total of 253 submissions were received from the community.
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