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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Researching the history of your property

Have you ever wanted to unlock the history of your house? Thanks to a new brochure you now have the keys – where to go and the things to look for.

With the assistance of Heritage Consultant, Annette Green the brochure was created to be a one-stop-shop detailing useful and readily accessible resources that can help to fill out the picture of your property.

Importantly the brochure also details the type of information that can be gleaned from each resource, how and where they can be accessed, and tips on how to use the resources effectively.

Annette said that in the early stages, the many pieces of information from different sources may not always make sense.

“Researching the history of a building in detail is like a jigsaw puzzle," she said. "It requires patience and a careful eye for hints that will help to tie the pieces together.”

By following the advice in the brochure you may find a wealth of information along the way including:
  • the date it was built
  • who the builder and/or architect were
  • the original architectural plans
  • who owned the property
  • who were the primary occupants
  • who else lived here
  • what were their occupations
  • interesting human stories that have played out within the walls and how these may fit in with what else was happening in Subiaco.

The information you gather will add richness to your understanding of Subiaco’s history and heritage. It is this history and heritage that helps to define us as a community: who we are and where we have come from.
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