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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Reduced speed limits make Subiaco roads safer

The City successfully advocated for speed limit reductions on three Subiaco roads to enhance safety, make limits more consistent and allow for future development. 

Salvado Road (between Haydn Bunton Drive and Harborne Street), Haydn Bunton Drive (between Salvado Road and Roberts Road), and Townsend Road (between Hay Street and Roberts Road) were all 60km/h zones but have now been reduced to 50km/h.

It was a community member who first alerted the City to confusion previously experienced on Salvado Road with varying speed limits in place along the same stretch of road. The varying speed limits had resulted in speeding fines for motorists. 

After this feedback, the City collected traffic data and worked with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) and Town of Cambridge to make speed limits more consistent on the road to better align with MRWA’s speed zoning policy. 

Speed limits on Haydn Bunton Drive and Townshend Road were changed to not only enhance safety in the area, but also considering future development of Subi East.
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