Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Pocket park to be built in the heart of Subiaco town centre

Following a decision at the March 2024 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council have endorsed the demolition of the Subiaco Community Centre, and the construction a pocket park on the site for the benefit of the community.

The Subiaco Community Centre, built in 1967, is currently out of service, and no longer in use by any community groups or residents.

Community consultation will inform the design of the pocket park.

Mayor David McMullen said, “Our community identified playgrounds, parks and reserves as a key priority in our 2023 Community Scorecard. We as a Council are actively working to ensure our community’s priorities are front of mind in our decision-making. 

“The pocket park will enhance the City’s urban forest, and build upon the City’s character and amenity. It will complement other local nodes in the public realm that we have been investing in, and upgrading – including Seddon Street, Forrest Walk, and Postal Walk. It will also form a welcome new part of our City-wide network of parks and gardens.

“Through the development of this pocket park, we have a unique opportunity to build a park from the ground up in our town centre. The City will engage with our community to ensure we deliver a park that is valued for years to come.”

The lemon-scented gum tree on the site, which was added to the City’s Significant Tree Register in 2023, will be preserved throughout the park’s development.

Stay tuned for further updates on the pocket park via the City’s website and other channels. 
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