Friday, 01 September 2023

New public art at upgraded Postal Walk

As part of the recent upgrades to Postal Walk, two new artworks – the arches at the eastern end of the space and the gates to the south – were commissioned for the site to celebrate the important role the former Postmaster-General’s Office and its descendent organisations have played in keeping Subiaco connected to the world.

Artist Robert Frith (pictured) has created gates featuring motifs of Post Office boxes, personal mailboxes and important Subiaco landmarks. The artwork, titled Letter to Subi, also features a large franking stamp depicting the date of the first meeting of the Subiaco Municipal Council.

Throughout the design and development of the upgrades, the City engaged with the local community and businesses to ensure the design of the space met their needs. Through this it became clear that preserving and memorialising the existing artworks in the space was paramount.

Based on this feedback, the City of Subiaco also contracted the original artist of the Postal Walk mosaic artwork Subiaco Centenary Tiles, Jenny Dawson, to undertake a reinterpretation of sections of the artwork. These have been converted into aluminium panels which are set into the new deck and paving.

Part of the SubiPOP suite of public realm projects, the Postal Walk upgrade was an initiative undertaken by the City of Subiaco in partnership with the RAC to improve the public realm between the Park Street carpark and Rokeby Road.

Other elements of the upgrade included additional seating, a new lighting scheme to make the space safer and more appealing in the evenings, and the installation of new decking to protect and support the root system of the existing Flooded Gum Tree.

Mayor David McMullen said, “Subiaco’s history and heritage has been recognised in both the new and the reinterpreted public art at Postal Walk.

“The upgrades to this area provide a space for the community to connect, and a safer, more attractive and accessible area for everyone to enjoy.

“Postal Walk is now officially open, so come down to see the new space, view the artworks and explore local businesses.”

The Postal Walk project has been delivered in partnership with RAC through its Reconnect WA initiative.
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