Tuesday, 01 June 2021

New document explores heritage achievements

The City’s 2020 heritage and history achievements have been captured in a new document.

Heritage Achievements 2020 explores the City’s key highlights in this area looking at cultural and built heritage, engagement with the community, heritage resources, and everything in between.

These achievements demonstrate the City’s commitment to identifying, protecting and celebrating its heritage and history.

Document highlights include:
  • a look at Wembley Ware pottery series kindly donated to the museum by Shenton Park local artist and designer Yoko Webster
  • the inclusion of new properties on the Heritage List, recognising their cultural significance to the City
  • a resource to help provide residents with the keys to unlocking their home’s history
  • information about the Triangle Precinct Local Heritage Survey which was recently completed with the help of 10 community members
  • how one committed local helped reinstate the Subiaco Oval heritage turnstiles
  • community stories that explore personal experience of living in and developing heritage buildings.
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