Friday, 15 September 2023

Museum storage gets some TLC

A ceiling collapse may have been a blessing in disguise after it prompted some much-needed TLC for part of the Subiaco Museum’s collection tucked away in storage. 

The old maintenance shed at Theatre Gardens is the main storage facility for the museum’s collection of around 12,000 objects, photographs, artworks and documents.

In another life, the shed housed tractors and gardening equipment but, these days, it now helps protect much more delicate items including century-old photographs of the City, large architectural planning books, and a pair of original seats from the iconic Regal Theatre pre-renovations.  

Part of the ceiling in this storage facility collapsed after heavy rain in April but luckily, no items were damaged in the accident and the team were able to, not only get a new ceiling sorted, but also give the facility some TLC to the benefit of the objects. 

An inert rubber floor was installed that doesn’t give off any harmful gases; the walls were lined to help keep the room cooler; new shelves were installed to house large objects off the floor protecting them against potential floods or leaks; and space-saving drawers were installed that better display items for the curators so they know what they have at a glance and what needs work and/or conservation.

The expert curators and volunteers who work at the museum now have easier access to the stored objects to ensure they are well looked after, accounted for, and able to be included in future exhibitions. 

Subiaco Museum Coordinator Jessica Marantelli said the upgrade to the storage space was not only practical but showed the City’s commitment to preserving and showcasing the area’s important history.

“We have over 12,000 objects in our collection and it’s important that each and every item is well looked after,” she said.

“The history of this area is diverse and fascinating, and the museum help us record and share this through objects, pictures, stories and more.

“The upgrade means we can now access these stored objects more easily and ensures we’re looking after them all for future generations.”

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