Thursday, 07 December 2023

Have a more sustainable Christmas

Waste increases by about 30 per cent at Christmas time, so we’ve put together some tips to help you have a more sustainable silly season this year.

Avoid food waste
  • Pre-plan your meals.
  • Check what food you have before you go shopping.
  • Write a shopping list.
  • Give away or freeze leftovers.
  • Bonus FOGO tip: put all festive food scraps (like ham bones, turkey carcasses, prawn/crayfish shells) in your FOGO bin for weekly collection.
Low-waste gifts
  • Give experiences, donations or gift vouchers.
  • Secret Santa is a fun way to reduce waste.
  • Gift sustainable alternatives to single-use items like coffee cups and produce bags.
Sustainable wrapping
  • Reuse children’s drawings or paintings as wrapping paper.
  • Try Furoshiki – a Japanese technique that uses reusable fabric wraps.
  • Get creative and use tea towels, newspaper, a vintage scarf, reusable food wrap (such as beeswax wraps), or a stainless-steel container.
Is your recycling bin overflowing?
  • Set-up a Containers for Change collection for eligible drink containers.
  • Fold, flatten or cut up cardboard boxes to save space.
  • Take your excess recyclables like cardboard, polystyrene, bottles or containers to the West Metro Recycling Centre (open every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

extraMile by Dapth