Thursday, 14 December 2023

Forrest Walk next in line for upgrade

Forrest Walk is next in line for a significant upgrade after the construction contract was awarded at this week’s Council Meeting.

Part of the City’s SubiPOP project, Forrest Walk will build on the work already done at Postal Walk and Seddon Street to create another pedestrian-friendly community space that provides opportunity for greater connection.

The upgrade will include new seating, enhanced alfresco dining opportunities, renewed pavement and pathways, additional greenery, improved amenity and accessibility, and new lighting.

It will focus on doing this in a way that improves the character, charm and atmosphere that Subiaco is known for while encouraging people to linger longer and enjoy the space and local businesses that spill out into Forrest Walk.

Postal Walk and Seddon Street upgrades were completed in the latter part of 2023 and have received positive feedback from community members and businesses. The project was informed by community consultation.

It’s expected that construction will start on Forrest Walk in mid-2024.

For more on SubiPOP and FAQs around Forrest Walk, head to the project page.

Pictured above: artist concept only
extraMile by Dapth