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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Education program to help residents get their waste sorted

A bin tagging education program is set to make it easier for City residents to sort their recycling.

With several changes in recent years, navigating what belongs in recycling and general waste can be confusing, but bin tagging programs have seen great success in other WA local governments since being introduced in 2015.

The program involves a quick look inside kerbside waste and recycling on bin day, with a tag then placed on bin handles providing helpful on-the-spot feedback for households.  

A small number of bins will be chosen at random and inspected by Community Waste Education staff who will be wearing high visibility vests and carrying ID. Staff will only look at surface items in bins on the kerbside to gauge how households dispose of waste. 

Several other WA local governments have successfully completed the education program, with further bin checks in some areas showing households continued to sort their waste correctly a year after the program had ended, highlighted its long-term effectiveness.

Bin tagging has been used in Subiaco previously but the program was cut short due to COVID.

Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) Manager Communications and Education Libby Eustance said the majority of residents were very conscientious when it came to sorting their waste, however there could be some confusion around which items went into which bin, and this lack of understanding could lead to contamination.

“This program helps residents with the information they need to be able to sort their waste correctly, addressing any confusion while helping us to reduce the amount of waste to landfill, increase recycling rates and minimise processing costs,” she said.

“We appreciate that most residents are doing the right thing and assisting in keeping waste disposal costs down whilst ensuring that materials are recycled and reused.”

The City of Subiaco’s bin tagging program will be run by WMRC and is set to kick off on 23 February and finish mid-April.

A range of FAQs about the bin tagging program can be found on the WMRC website.  

The bin tagging program is funded by the State Government and administered by the Waste Authority.
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