Monday, 16 August 2021

Community scorecard results released

  • Library and information services: 98% positive rating
  • Lords Recreation Centre: 97% positive rating
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves: 96% positive rating
  • Access to health and community services: 95% positive rating
  • Subiaco Museum: 92% positive rating

The City of Subiaco received 98 per cent positive rating for the performance of its library and information services, along with a number of other industry leading results in its latest Community Scorecard.
The scorecard survey was conducted during March and April 2021 to evaluate community priorities and measure performance against key indicators in the Strategic Community Plan, with the results recently released.
Most of the services the City provides to the community received high positive ratings. Other particularly high scoring areas included:
  • Lords Recreation Centre
  • waste collection services
  • access to public transport
  • playgrounds, parks and reserves.

Streetscapes and verges, tree management, select communication channels, and control of graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour were among some of the industry highs.
The most improved areas from the previous scorecard were governing organisation, value for money from rates, and social media presence.
The Community Scorecard is good touch point for the City to see what areas it’s performing in and where community priorities lie going forward. It will also help inform future consultation.
The scorecard highlighted some areas the community wants the City to prioritise, which include:
  • managing responsible growth and development
  • leadership by the Mayor and Councillors
  • what the City is doing to support local businesses
  • how Subiaco town centre is being developed
  • how the community is consulted about local issues.

It was also noted that the community rating for maintaining the area’s heritage and identity has declined.

The City has done some work in these areas already, including introducing new business support initiatives and working on local development plans with the community to help coordinate future development in the town centre.
The City has also started reviewing and updating its local heritage survey and have recently completed the first review which was for the Triangle Precinct. A review of the West Subiaco survey is now underway.

Thank you to everyone who took part for your invaluable contribution.
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