Thursday, 24 June 2021

City to seek requests from Department of Local Government in relation to the Authorised Inquiry report

The City will ask the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to consider a number of requests in relation to the recently released Authorised Inquiry report after a Council decision at this week’s meeting.

As part of the inquiry process, people named within the draft report were given an opportunity to submit comments for the department to consider but only minor amendments were made to the final report with some factual inaccuracies remaining.

The department is currently undertaking a further review of the contents of the final report.

The requests to the department will include to:
  • consider all submissions received on the draft report
  • consider updating the final report to ensure it is factually accurate and fair in how it expresses claims about any person or group of people
  • review the contents of the recommendations so they specifically relate to the allegations, opinions of, and findings made by the inquiry
  • allow the City to provide, for approval, the scope of an independent governance review within 35 days of the department’s review of the final report or the new CEO commencing – whichever is later
  • advise that it is Council’s preference that the independent governance review be conducted following the local government ordinary elections (October 2021).
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