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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

City looking to lead the way with new planning policy 

In what is believed to be a WA local government first, the City is considering cutting development application fees in a bid to increase engagement and conversation between applicants and their neighbours.

The move – which would incentivise developers to consult with their neighbours prior to lodging a development application with the City – is flagged to help avoid potential issues further down the line and promote positive relationships between neighbours.

Early engagement is also likely to speed up the development application process, avoid surprises for people who may be directly affected by development and, ultimately, result in better outcomes for the developer and community.

Mayor David McMullen said, “The City is proud to be leading the way in WA with this innovative idea that Council have now endorsed for public advertising.

“By incentivising additional community consultation early on in the process, we’re hoping to promote more conversations, break down barriers and help avoid costly and time-consuming issues further down the track with development applications.”

The City works hard to attract considered investment to ensure a vibrant local economy and encourage visitation and has previously innovated with other parts of the planning framework. This includes being the one of the first local government to do away with the need for planning approval for change of use in the town centre – an approach which the state government then mandated state-wide some years later.

See the full report and next steps, in the agenda and minutes from the November Ordinary Council Meeting.
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