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Tuesday, 14 June 2022

356 street trees planted to increase urban forest

The City of Subiaco is home to approximately 15,000 trees – and this year, the City has planted 356 more as part of a yearly planting program within the City’s Environmental Plan, with the aim to increase Subiaco's urban forest.

An ‘urban forest’ is a population of trees and other vegetation growing within an urban setting, with the purpose of improving the liveability of that urban setting, and also providing social, economic, and environmental benefits to the community as a whole.

Urban forests include all the trees and shrubs on public and private land in and around urban areas, including bushland, parkland, wetlands, gardens and street trees.

To increase Subiaco’s urban forest, the City conducts a yearly tree planting program along streets and within parks.

Street trees provide many benefits that have both economic and intangible values. While they improve land value, they also purify urban air, filter noise, play a role in modifying the effects of climate, provide shade to reduce the heat generated from the road and verge surface, and importantly, provide valuable habitats for the fauna associated with the Subiaco area.

Street tree selection is based on the long-term interest of the community, the longevity and viability of the species, and the environmental benefits that the tree species may contribute.

Wherever possible, Australian natives are selected for our street or park areas, as these best meet the City’s criteria.

Learn more about the City’s Environmental Plan and other sustainability initiatives here.
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