City of Subiaco - Sustainability and the environment
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Sustainability and Environmental initiatives

The City of Subiaco is committed to leadership in sustainability and environmental management. The City acknowledges that climate change is real and that urgent action is required to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Sustainability, in all its forms, is at the core of the community and underpins the City’s operations.

Guiding plans and strategies

The Sustainability and Resilience Strategy drives the City’s approach to sustainability, providing direction and specific actions in governance, procurement, community development, planning, and environmental management. 

The Environmental Plan includes actions the City and community will take to adapt to current changing climate conditions. The plan looks at ways to reduce water use, increase flora, fauna and green corridors, and minimise the spread of pathogens.

The City is leading the way in carbon reduction and is one of the first local governments to adopt a Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan.

Sustainability projects and achievements 

Ambitious carbon targets

The City is striving to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets including carbon neutral status for the next decade and a focus on transparent reporting. The City is aiming to:

  • move to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025
  • reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2025
  • reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent by 2030
  • ensure all fleet vehicles meet the Climate Change Authority’s standard by 2025

Steam weed control

The City of Subiaco was one of the first Western Australian local governments to eliminate the use of Glyphosate. The City manages weed control using a chemical-free saturated steam process. This option provides a safe and effective alternative and keeps City parks, roads and verges weed-free. To further suppress weed growth, garden beds are also mulched and natives are planted close together to outcompete weeds and reduce seed dispersal.

Innovative solution for pollution

The City installed a Seabin at Lake Subiaco Common in an effort to prevent pollution from entering the ocean, improving water cleanliness, and reducing the risk of algal blooms.

The Seabin is an innovative Australian product made from recyclable material that collects plastics, debris and water pollution, including surface oil. The Seabin has been installed in ports and marinas around the world, but has not been used in an Australian lake up until now. Read more >