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Friday, 01 October 2021

Sustainable living stream expanded at Cliff Sadlier Reserve

After the successful installation of a living stream in the drain outlet at Cliff Sadlier Reserve in August 2020, the City will start stage two of the project to further improve its function and appearance.
The City kicked off the project last year after extensive community consultation, with further positive feedback received since the initial installation.
Mayor Penny Taylor said the expanded living stream project would provide a number of benefits.
“As well as slowing water run-off and preventing erosion, the living stream will help increase biodiversity, establish healthy ecosystems, improve water quality, and enhance the amenity of the area,” she said.
“We know our community cares about the environment and this stream is helping to create a greener City for all to enjoy.”

The installation consists of coir matting on the banks to help combat erosion and the planting of a range of aquatic and semi-aquatic Western Australian native plants.
Stage two is planned to commence later this month.

The living stream is a joint project partly funded by the Water Corporation. It is part of the Water Corporation’s Drainage for Liveability Program, which aims to integrate stormwater into open space areas.

You can find out more about the project on Have Your Say and more about the City’s sustainability initiatives and goals on the Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives webpage.
If you would like to be kept informed about the project, please email

What is a living stream?

According to the Department of Water, a living stream is a constructed or retrofitted stormwater conveyance channel that mimics the characteristics (morphology and vegetation) of natural streams. As well as conveying stormwater, they also treat it using physical and biological processes, and they create diverse habitats for wildlife which will become complex ecosystems that support a wide range of plants and animals.

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