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Thursday, 21 July 2022

City leads the way in scorecard results

  • Library and information services: 98%
  • Access to public transport: 97%
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves: 96%
  • Access to health and community services: 95%
  • Subiaco Museum: 95%
  • Lords Recreation Centre: 92%
Library and information services, access to public transport, and playgrounds, parks and reserves came out on top in this year’s community scorecard.

The independent scorecard survey is conducted annually using an external consultancy, to evaluate community priorities, and measure performance against key indicators within the Strategic Community Plan 2017 – 2027.

Other City services which received high positive ratings included the Subiaco Museum (95%) and Lords Recreation Centre (92%). Access to health and community services also ranked highly at 95%, as did building and maintenance of local roads at 92%.

The scorecard results also include an overall performance index score, which is a combined measure of the City of Subiaco as a ‘place to live’ and as a ‘governing organisation’. The City received an overall performance index score of 73, which tops the industry average of 66.

Based on these industry standards, the City of Subiaco is leading the industry in nine key areas:
  • Playgrounds, parks and reserves
  • Tree management
  • Streetscapes and verges
  • Public transport
  • Health and community services
  • Food, health, noise, pest and pollution
  • Graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour
  • Lighting of streets and public places
  • Animal management (dogs and cats)
This year’s scorecard results also reveal some significant improvement areas in categories relating to leadership and history and heritage.

A marked increase was reported in the Leadership by the Mayor and Councillors category, which received an almost 70% positive rating this year, compared to a rating which sat below 50% in the 2021 scorecard results.

“We are very pleased that the community is scoring Council’s leadership significantly higher than this time last year. We’ve been listening and making responsible and meaningful decisions on behalf of our community, and working hard to get the best out of each other and staff,” Mayor David McMullen said.

“The scorecard results show this is having a real impact on our City and, as a Council, we are heading in the right direction.

“The consultant who assisted us with the community scorecard does this work with a number of other local governments, across WA and also interstate. They’ve told us that this degree of positive movement in the space of only 12 months is exceptional.

“Council and staff are passionate about ensuring Subiaco remains a vibrant and premier place to live, and will continue to address the community priorities that have been outlined in this year’s scorecard results.”

Another improvement within this year’s scorecard results was in the category of ‘How history and heritage is preserved and promoted’, which saw a performance index score of 65 (compared to 2021’s score of 58), and now sits seven points above the industry average.

Access the full community scorecard results here:
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