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Friday, 04 March 2022

Subiaco Museum marks International Women's Day

Subiaco Museum is marking International Women’s Day with a series of events and exhibits highlighting the roles women have played in Subiaco’s rich history.
Taking centre stage is the new website that profiles some of the key female figures in Subiaco’s history. They are:
  • Mrs Ethel Maude Thomas M.B.E who formed the Subiaco Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment No 503 in 1933.
  • Ms Minna, Olga and Thekla Lipfert, daughters of the WA Museum’s taxidermist, Otto Lipfert.
  • Ms Adelaide ‘Queenie’ Chugg, the founding Vice-President and later Patron of the Subiaco Historical Society.
  • Mrs Alexandra McKinnon Burns whose family established the bakery of Brown and Burns and was an ardent supporter and worker for the Young Australia League.
  • Dame Annie Florence Gillies Cardell-Oliver, President of the Western Australian Nationalist Women's Movement who was appointed member for Subiaco in 1936 and Minister for Health in 1949.
You can read the full profiles of these women and see photos and artefacts of theirs on the International Women's Day page of our website

The Museum team have also been busy cataloguing and photographing more than 200 artworks for the Museum’s new online collection via CollectionsWA.
The Museum staff cleaned, catalogued and photographed all 204 artworks over a two day period and these images and subsequent research into the artworks, are the first items uploaded to the online collection.
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