Thursday, 06 June 2024

Postal Walk receives urban design award

The Postal Walk project has been honoured with the prestigious 2024 AILA WA Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design.

The award highlights the exceptional way the underused street mall was transformed into a vibrant community meeting place.

Part of the SubiPOP public realm upgrades, the Postal Walk works aimed to address several challenges, including narrow sidewalks, uneven paving caused by a large Eucalyptus grandis (Flooded Gum) and a lack of shade.

Mayor David McMullen said the redesign has not only resolved these issues but has delivered on both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

"This project is a prime example of how thoughtful urban design can transform our community spaces,” he said.

“Postal Walk is now a vibrant, inviting meeting place that enhances our City's charm and connectivity.

"My congratulations to the City's consultants, and staff who worked on the project."

The project, led by Julian Croudace from propagule and funded through RAC’s Reconnect WA initiative, includes new seating, improved surface treatments, drainage renewal, tree conservation, additional lighting and the reinterpretation of existing public art. The design improvements ensure the space is safer, more attractive and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The City is currently working with the award-winning team at propogule to transform Forrest Walk into another exciting community space.
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