Wednesday, 20 October 2021

New Mayor for the City

Newly elected Mayor of the City of Subiaco, David McMullen, has promised to put Subiaco and its community first in his new role.

The mayoral announcement was made at 8.50pm Saturday 16 October with the commercial lawyer securing over 63 per cent of the votes.

Mayor McMullen was sworn in at a Special Council Meeting last night where he said would deliver on his election platform of good governance and leadership with integrity, advocacy for Subiaco and a steady hand steering a leading council.

“To the community that has elected me: thank you for your trust; it is an honour,” he said.

“You have a great team representing you and each of us are here for the right reasons. Please give us your collective support, your ideas, your passion and your intelligence.”

Mayor McMullen also welcomed the newly elected councillors, welcomed back returning councillors, and thanked former mayor Penny Taylor and recently departed elected members.

Mayor McMullen was born in Subiaco and grew up around the corner in Wembley before moving to Shenton Park nearly a decade ago where he lives with his wife and two children.

He has been a Councillor at the City for the past four years.

Councillor Stephanie Stroud was re-elected as Deputy Mayor.

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