Friday, 28 October 2022

Heritage map unveiled at Subiaco Museum

A beautifully detailed heritage map, entitled ‘Subiaco: Bush to Suburb, 1851-1945’, was officially unveiled at Subiaco Museum on Friday 28 October.
The map was commissioned by the City of Subiaco and created by local artist Mary Yates, who is renowned for her unique ‘pictorial maps’ that reveal incredible historical detail.
The intricate map explores the history and heritage of Subiaco following colonial settlement of the area, from the arrival of the first Europeans in 1851 to the end of the Second World War in 1945.
Mary says, “It was during this time Subiaco developed many of the characteristics recognized in the suburb we know today, with the establishment of homes and businesses, as well as schools, hospitals, and civic buildings.”
The map took many months to create, and is completely hand-drawn, featuring a number of beautiful watercolour illustrations.
Mary said the research required was time-consuming, but very interesting and self-educating. The Subiaco Museum team assisted Mary in sourcing select photographs and information to help tell key stories within the map.
Mary’s unique map drawing style is inspired by her experiences travelling with a notebook instead of a camera. Over the years, Mary recorded her many travels by making detailed notes, then later drawing them in pen and ink.
The City is thrilled to be adding the map to its museum collection, and to be offering a limited sale of 125 signed prints of the map to celebrate 125 years of Subiaco becoming a municipality.
extraMile by Dapth