The City of Subiaco Administration Centre (241 Rokeby Road) is closed due to a fire. Customer Service is now at 19 Bishop Street, Jolimont.
Tuesday, 09 March 2021

Hay Street to reopen tomorrow

Hay Street will partially reopen as soon as Wednesday 10 March after Sanur’s structural engineers (Arup) agreed with the City’s specialist structural engineers (Quoin) that 440 Hay Street was not at risk of collapse.

The City engaged heritage engineering specialists Quoin who found 440 Hay Street was stable and did not require an exclusion zone be maintained in front of it.

After further on-site investigation, Arup have now agreed with the Quoin report that 440 Hay Street is not at risk of imminent collapse.

This means the width of the exclusion zone can be reduced because the buildings at 424-436 Hay Street are only one-storey high.

Hoarding will still be required in front of 424-436 Hay Street until Sanur completes the directed works on these buildings to make it safe to reopen the balance of the road.

The City had intended to install the hoarding for the partial reopening of Hay Street earlier but was delayed due to Sanur seeking an injunction with State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to prevent the City from taking steps to reopen Hay Street.
The City attended SAT on Friday 5 March and opposed Sanur’s requests. On Monday 8 March, Sanur withdrew their application for an injunction.

“This is a pleasing result for affected businesses and the wider community,” A/CEO Cliff Frewing said.

“The City is extremely pleased to be able to reopen Hay Street, and return traffic flow to this important arterial road.

“It will also return street parking to the area, and ensure the local businesses are receiving the benefit of passing traffic flow.”

Support for businesses
Part of the unanimous Council resolution included investigating opportunities through the City’s economic development initiatives and promotional assistance to support the businesses impacted by the closure.

Promotional activities have already begun through the City’s See Subiaco digital channels. On-site signage is also being implemented, with pavement decals to direct a pedestrian trail and signage on the hoarding to support activation of the precinct.

Update Wednesday 10 March: Hay Street reopened at 3.50pm today.
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