Wednesday, 24 November 2021

City to reduce emissions by 826 tonnes as part of Australian-first renewable energy agreement

The City will be moving to renewable energy next year across a number of its sites, reducing emissions by an estimated 826 tonnes per year.

Last night, Council committed to a first-of-its-kind power-purchasing project that aims to reduce the amount of energy derived through fossil fuels by utilising local renewable energy sources, with the bonus of reducing energy supply costs.

The Energy Sustainability and Renewables Project – which is coordinated by WALGA – will support local governments to achieve renewable energy and emission reduction targets, decrease offset reliance, and reduce costs.

The project will also help the City achieve its ambitious carbon reduction targets outlined in its Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan.

This includes moving to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025 and reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent by 2030.

The project will bolster the local renewable energy industry, supporting three WA renewable energy projects: Albany Wind Farm, Collgar Wind Farm and Emu Downs Wind Farm.

According to WALGA, the amount of emissions averted by maximum adoption of the project sector-wide is broadly equivalent to establishing and maintaining 14 million trees.

In June this year, the City became the first WA local government to become certified carbon neutral under the Commonwealth’s Climate Active program through the procurement of carefully considered carbon offsets. 

The City continues to work towards a more sustainable organisation and community through a number of initiatives and projects.

WALGA expect almost 50 other metro and regional local governments to participate in the agreement including our neighbours Cambridge, Nedlands, Perth, and Vincent.
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