Wednesday, 22 May 2024

City celebrates one year of FOGO

One year on from its introduction in 2023, the City of Subiaco is celebrating a successful and smooth transition to FOGO.

The new FOGO (food organics, garden organics) three-bin system has yielded over 1,800 tonnes of high-quality compost made from scraps, garden vegetation and lawn clippings. 

What’s more, the City has achieved an incredibly low contamination rate of just 2 per cent, meaning almost all the waste that goes into the FOGO bin is diverted from landfill.

Mayor David McMullen said the sustainable waste service is now the new normal in the City of Subiaco.

“The weight of community opinion has embraced FOGO from its inception, making an incredible impact on reducing landfill and greenhouse gasses,” he said.

“Sustainability is a value that’s deeply rooted within our community and the success of FOGO just one year in is proof of that.”

FOGO was first introduced to the City in May 2023, with 5,000 houses spearheading the transition. During this period, the City launched an extensive education campaign on the new service, which included a bespoke video series, in-person information sessions and community outreach at the Subi Farmers Market.

In February this year, the City commenced a rollout of FOGO to multi-unit dwellings, including units and apartments. Around this same time, the City began its ‘bin tagging’ program to further reduce levels of contamination found in FOGO bins. This meant that residents would receive individualised feedback on the contents of their bin in the form of a paper tag hooked onto the handle.

“Effective change to ingrained practices (such as the old ways of waste management) takes work. But the City resourced and managed the transition in a way that has translated to a lot of feedback from the community that they felt supported and informed during this transition,” Mayor David McMullen said.

“Adopting FOGO required significant changes to the way we separate food and organics from general waste and we’re incredibly proud of the way the City and the residents have worked together to support this worthy initiative.”

It’s anticipated that 75 per cent of units and apartments will receive their FOGO kitchen caddy by 30 June.

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