Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Budget and rates announced for 2022-23

After two years of no rate rises, the City of Subiaco will see one of the lowest rates increases in the Perth metropolitan area with Council endorsing the 2022-23 budget at last night’s meeting.

Mayor David McMullen said, “The City worked hard to support the community during the pandemic by freezing rates for two consecutive years. This year the City’s own costs continue to grow, so there needs to be a small increase in order to sustain the high level of service we provide to the community.

“We have managed to keep the increase among the lowest in the Perth metro area, while ensuring our ongoing capacity to deliver the high-quality services and amenities that our ratepayers expect and deserve.”
Key benefits from this year’s budget include: planned streetscape upgrades to Rokeby Road and the implementation of the Food Organics Garden Organics waste system, which includes two additional green waste collections per year for each resident.
The City of Subiaco’s minimum rates once again remain unchanged (0%), with all the remaining rates increasing by 1.9 per cent, a low change in comparison to other local governments and the CPI for Perth (March 2022) of 7.6 per cent. The change in the waste services charge facilitates the transition to FOGO and additional green waste collections, increasing by $19 (6.5%) residents for the year, maintaining one of the lowest waste charges in the metropolitan area. For the vast majority of residents the combined rates and waste increase represents less than $1.10 per week.

Rates help create a sustainable and prosperous city with high quality services and amenities, creating a stronger local economy and community.
Read more about rates, how they’re calculated and the services they help provide to the community.

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