Thursday, 02 May 2024

Update on Avian botulism at Lake Jualbup

The City, working with WA Seabird Rescue, is addressing Avian botulism at Lake Jualbup. 

Testing by WA Seabird Rescue confirmed a number of birds at the lake have been affected by Avian botulism, and had unfortunately died as a result.

Avian botulism is a naturally occurring bacteria that is not uncommon to the Perth area. It was detected in Lake Jualbup in January 2024 but recent rain – after seven months of drought – disturbed sediment and caused an outbreak.

Residents and visitors are advised to avoid contact with the soil and water in and immediately surrounding the lake until further notice.

Signs have been installed around the lake notifying park users to avoid contact with the water’s edge, and to report any injured birds to the City.

Extra care must be taken by pet owners, to prevent their pets potentially eating infected animals such as birds and fish, or coming into contact with contaminated water or soil. Lake Jualbup is a dog on-leash area.

The area will be monitored daily to ensure affected birds are removed, and the City of Subiaco will continue ongoing monitoring of birdlife in the area.

Transmission of Avian botulism is not known to be harmful to humans, but may occur if the bacteria is ingested or comes into contact with open wounds.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City’s Parks team on (08) 9237 9222.
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