Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Recycle your bike and help at-risk youths

City residents can now give their old bikes a new lease on life, support a circular economy, and help at-risk youths thanks to a new partnership between the West Metro Recycling Centre and Dismantle.
Suitable bikes dropped off at the recycling centre will be saved from scrap metal and donated to Dismantle for use in their BikeRescue mentorship program which helps at-risk youths reach their full potential.

​Adult and teen bikes are preferable. Bicycles with a bit of rust are fine, but if they are corroded to the point of holes, they can be recycled as scrap metal instead.
City ratepayers can drop off their old bikes, along with a range of other items not suitable for kerbside collection, for free every day at the West Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park. You can find a list of accepted items on the WMRC website.
Proof of residence is required to gain free entry into the West Metro Recycling Centre. 
WMRC also runs a range of waste education training courses and events throughout the year, such as an upcoming Recycling Facility Tour. These help residents better understand where their waste goes and how they can help live more sustainably. Visit the WMRC website for more on these events.
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