Monday, 29 March 2021

Proposals to enable the full reopening of Hay St not accepted

The City recently made two proposals to Sanur to help complete the stabilisation works required to enable the full reopening of Hay Street – neither was accepted.

Earlier this month, the City issued a Building Order to compel Sanur (the owners of 424 – 436 Hay Street) to stabilise their buildings which would, in turn, enable the safe reopening of all of Hay Street. Sanur appealed the order to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and the matter is due to be heard on 14 - 15 April 2021.
In recent weeks the City made two offers to Sanur, to complete the stabilisation works – including paying for design of the support structure and offering to share the costs of installation and rental. This would have fast tracked removal of the hoarding and the safe complete reopening of Hay Street to traffic and pedestrians.
As well as getting the road open sooner, these offers were commercial in nature as they presented an opportunity for a cheaper outcome for both the owners and the City, and would have made the SAT hearing in April unnecessary.
“We are disappointed that neither of these proposals were accepted,” Acting CEO Cliff Frewing said. “This means the partial road closure will continue to impact businesses in the area.
“Unfortunately, it seems most likely we will now have to wait for the SAT hearing in April to know what the next steps and timeframes will be to reopen the full extent of Hay Street.”
The separate process for considering Sanur’s Development Application to demolish the buildings continues, in accordance with the planning framework. The City will seek to complete this process as quickly as possible, however there is a statutory process to follow.
The City has been continuing work to promote and support the businesses on Hay Street.
“We were extremely pleased we were able to partially reopen Hay Street to traffic and parking earlier this month, and we will continue to work tirelessly to reopen the full extent of Hay Street,” Mr Frewing said.
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