Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Positive Ageing Partnership events paused

The City is temporarily pausing its Positive Ageing Partnership events and activities.
With the increased spread of COVID-19 within our community, there has been a significant decline in attendance at Positive Ageing events; community feedback has indicated many people in this vulnerable group are feeling anxious, avoiding events and staying home where possible.
Understandably, a number of City volunteers – many of whom are also vulnerable – have chosen to take a temporary break from volunteering in the community for their health and wellbeing.
At this stage, we expect to recommence the Positive Ageing program of events and activities in April after WA has hit its peak for COVID cases but will always follow State Government health advice which is subject to change.

Postponed events and activities:

Event / activity Postponed / cancelled dates Rescheduled dates
Line Dancing 11, 18, 25  March, 1 April Scheduled to resume on 8 April
Seniors Space 17, 24, 31 March Scheduled to resume on 7 April
Community Lunch 16 March TBC
St Johns First Aid Demonstration
21 March 12 May
Message in a Teacup Workshop
24 March 19 May
Movie Morning 31 March 14 April

Local and City of Subiaco activities and events

If you are still getting out and about during this time, there are still plenty of local activities and events taking place.

Resources: support services available

Information, resources and support services are available to help seniors, their families and carers during the COVID-19 peak.
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