Monday, 29 November 2021

Local planning policies celebrate, contribute, and enrich the City

The City celebrates and encourages public art throughout the City for all to enjoy, following the recent endorsement of a new policy to facilitate this.

The policy requires new developments in certain zones throughout the City (valued at $2 million and over) to contribute one per cent of their value to improving public art or the public realm in the locality.

The Local Planning Policy 8.3 – Percent for Public Art and Public Realm provides two options for developers to satisfy their contribution, with either a cash-in-lieu contribution for public art or public realm upgrades or the provision of a public artwork as part of the development.

Mayor David McMullen said this initiative would positively add to the City’s diverse collection of public artworks.
“The City’s unique collection of public art and shared public spaces brings our community together, and encourages visitors old and new,” he said.

“It all feeds into our culture and sense of place, and creates a point of difference.”

Following community consultation, three other local planning policies were also endorsed by Council at its recent meeting on 23 November 2021, and are an important part of the City’s ongoing local planning policy review:
Local Planning Policy 7.3 – Public Consultation for Planning Proposals

  • The policy guides the exercise of discretion under the deemed provisions for undertaking the public consultation of planning proposals.

Local Planning Policy 7.8 – 3D Modelling Requirements for Development Applications

  • The policy establishes the requirement for certain development applications to be accompanied by a 3D digital model.

Local Planning Policy 8.2 – Advertisements (Signs)

  • The policy ensures that the display of advertisements does not adversely impact upon the amenity of the existing streetscape while providing appropriate exposure of activities or services.
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