Friday, 27 August 2021

Hay Street reopen for business

The full extent of Hay Street is open for the first time since February, restoring traffic flow, foot traffic, and additional street parking to the area.

The City was able to remove the safety hoarding today after the property owner, Sanur, completed stabilisation works at 424-436 Hay Street that the City ordered them to undertake back in March.

Sanur appealed the order but last month, the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) ruled in favour of the City of Subiaco, upholding the orders which would enable to safe reopening of this arterial road.

“I’m pleased that the City has been able to fully and safely reopen Hay Street,” CEO Colin Cameron said.

“We recognise that this has been a challenging time for businesses and I hope we can now see a return to normal.

“We’ve recently had some new businesses move into Hay Street with more on the way so I encourage everyone to come and support local.”

SAT ordered the stabilisation work to be completed by Friday 6 August but Sanur sought an extension from the City until Friday 20 August due to unforeseen circumstances such as flooding.

In its ruling, SAT agreed with the City that the buildings at 424-436 and 440 Hay Street have heritage significance and contribute positively to the Rokeby Road and Hay Street Heritage area.

Sanur are also required to undertake remedial works at 440 Hay Street by Friday 10 September.
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