Thursday, 09 May 2024

Have your say: 'Greening' Ada Street

The City has identified an opportunity to 'green' Ada Street, and welcome the community to have their say. 

Ada Street runs between Redfern and Heytesbury Streets in Subiaco. The 'greening' vision could recreate how Ada Street is used, slowing traffic and creating informal public open space that elicits safe driver behaviours simply by its design.

A key benefit of this transformation is a reduction of temperatures, through an increase in summertime shade which will help combat the urban heat island effect to minimise the overland stormwater runoff by integrating Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles.

The City worked collaboratively with a consultant in consultation with surrounding residents, to develop this concept, and invites you to share your thoughts and feedback on the project.

This consultation responds to and builds on previous City engagement activities, including the MARKYT Community Scorecard, the Urban Forest Strategy, and the City's Strategic Community Plan consultation sessions.

Read more and have your say via this link.
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