Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Future plans for Lords

The City is beginning to plan for the future of Lords Recreation Centre.

This week, Council committed to a robust and holistic business case planning process to investigate all options for indoor sport and recreation in the City.

The Lords building began its life as a freight forwarding terminal and is now 60 years old with a significant increase in maintenance required in the coming years as it ages further.

Lords members and community will be an important part of the planning process and help guide and shape future plans.

Options to be investigated may include:

  • refurbishing the existing building
  • constructing a new indoor recreation facility at the existing or an alternative site
  • partnering with another entity and construct a new indoor recreation facility at an alternative site
  • providing indoor recreation across multiple sites.

Mayor David McMullen said it was important the Council was planning for the future.

“While the business case is expected to take some time, it is vital Council begin the planning process now to ensure we can continue to deliver indoor sport and recreation for our community,” he said.

“We are considering all the options, and making a commitment to continue operating Lords while we do so.
“This is an exciting opportunity to deliver something great that our community helps to guide and shape; I’m looking forward to seeing what we can all come up with together.”

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