Subiaco Library will be temporarily closed from Saturday 23 September for restoration works. A pop-up library will be open from Monday 2 October at 241 Rokeby Road.
Monday, 22 November 2021

Free family activities at Subiaco Museum

Make your own Christmas Angel or Nutcracker to hang on your Christmas tree, play old-fashioned games, or learn how to write with a quill and dip pen at Subiaco Museum.

The museum is kicking off free activities for the whole family to help keep the kids or grandkids entertained while teaching them a thing or two about the past.

The activities all take place on Saturday morning and you can drop by anytime between 10.30am and 12pm - no bookings needed - so mark these dates in your diary and we'll see you there!

Saturday 11 December Christmas Cheer:
Make your own Christmas Angel or Nutcracker to hand on your Christmas tree
Saturday 5 February Bobs, Ball and Boards:
Visit the museum and play old-fashioned indoor games
Saturday 5 March Wash, Wring and Dry:
Get your hands dirty with old-fashioned wash day at the museum
Saturday 2 April Quills and Ink:
Learn how to write with old-fashioned quills and dip pens
Saturday 7 May Museum Detectives:
Can your family solve the clues to discover the historical treasures hidden in the museum?
Saturday 4 June A Stitch in Time:
Thread a needle and learn how to make your own little sampler to take home

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