Friday, 26 November 2021

Council supports idea for artists’ hub

The City will start investigations into whether an artists’ hub in Subiaco is feasible after a motion was raised at this week’s meeting.
The idea has been championed by Mayor David McMullen who said a hub could benefit local artists, as well as attract visitors and increase vibrancy in the City.
Investigations will include an overview of the arts sector in Subiaco, possible sites and funding resources, the type of support the City may be able to offer, and a recommendation on how the hub could be progressed if feasible.
“The City of Subiaco is home to many current and emerging artists who have a lot to offer our community and our local economy. The level of interest and passion shared by those artists I have spoken to is impressive,” Mayor McMullen said.
“If the hub idea can be realised, there will be a real opportunity here not only for the artists, but for the wider community too.
“I look forward to reviewing the report to see if we can make this idea a reality.”

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