Thursday, 09 December 2021

Council continues to plan for the future

The new City of Subiaco Council met again last night to consolidate their focus and priorities, and their plan for the next few years.
The session also included conversations around the great things currently happening in Subiaco, and ways the City could continue to support this positive upwards trend.
Council initially met on Sunday 14 November to kick off these discussions and has been busy since with a number of strategic workshops, presentations, briefings and meetings on an array of topics.
Mayor David McMullen said these dedicated strategic planning sessions would help set the City on a Council-led path to success.
“Last night was very productive and positive, with a high level of engagement. It was encouraging to see the momentum continuing to build from our first planning session. Differing points of view and similar points of view were all aired in a spirit of collegiality, with even some laughter thrown in,” he said.
“I think every Councillor came out of the session motivated and ready for action to ensure our City thrives now and well into the future.
“We hope to produce a comprehensive document out of these sessions that paves the way forward in a very tangible way, and this will probably feed into a review of the Strategic Community Plan – likely to be in 2022. This planning will not be a one-time event either; we will continue to review our approach and actions.”
Council's strategic planning sessions have been facilitated by experienced CEO and business leader, Ray Glickman.

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