Friday, 14 January 2022

City requests protection of significant trees

The City has requested the State Government take a number of actions to protect three significant fig trees in the Subiaco East Redevelopment area, after a unanimous Council decision last month.

Recently approved design guidelines for the area suggest the possibility of the trees being relocated, but the City is concerned this would have a detrimental impact on the trees given the complex and intertwined root systems. 

The City is currently seeking confirmation from the State Government around the following matters: 

  • The three fig trees (inclusive of their main root systems) will retain in situ. 
  • During subdivision works and construction of development on adjoining lots, the trees and their root systems will be protected and maintained. 
  • The trees will be situated in the public realm, as opposed to being incorporated into development lots in the area. 

The trees – which are Hills Weeping Fig or Ficus microcarpa va hilli – have been on the City’s Significant Tree Register since 2018.

View the letter to the Minister for Lands (includes the full Council resolution)

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