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Thursday, 11 March 2021

City rangers help to educate dog owners on responsible pet ownership

City of Subiaco rangers were dishing out paw-some giveaways and ter-ruff-ic advice last week to dog owners in local parks to help reinforce City rules around responsibly owning and exercising a four-legged friend.
The initiative was developed in response to an increase in community feedback concerning dogs being off-lead in on-lead areas, as well as Ranger observation of dog owners demonstrating a lack of consideration and responsibility for pet behaviour.
The need for an education-first approach was identified leading to City rangers using giveaways as a conversation starter and positive reminder for pet owners. The program has so far delivered positive results.
Mayor Penny Taylor said the City of Subiaco welcomed people to utilise the seven designated dog exercise areas, but to be aware of local laws.
“Subiaco has some beautiful places to spend time with your furry friends, but being a responsible dog-owner should be top priority,” she said.
“To keep everyone safe, dogs need to stay on a leash and under control when in a public place, kept away from playgrounds and unleashed only in prescribed exercise areas.
“Avoiding incidents entirely is preferable to applying consequences after the fact, so City rangers are working to intervene and educate the public early to avoid dog-related incidents from occurring and keep our parks safe and sanitary.”
The giveaways include portable and collapsible water bowls, leads, and bouncy balls.
Rangers have reported positively on engaging with the community in this way, already noting a distinct improvement in adherence to regulations around both dog ownership and park use.
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