Monday, 08 July 2024

City of Subiaco staff start work in new, more efficient system 

The City of Subiaco has moved to a new, more efficient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enabled platform as part of the first phase of its digital transformation project. 

This week, staff have begun using TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil software, marking the City’s phase out of multiple older systems. 

To deliver on its vision to create opportunities for growth and development, elevate services and futureproof operations, the City is undertaking the three-year project to upgrade its existing on-premise applications to the TechnologyOne solution. 

City of Subiaco CEO Colin Cameron said a combination of the City’s rapid growth trajectory – against a backdrop of what’s been labelled its ‘renaissance’ — meant the time was right to introduce an integrated digital system. 

“This is the first step in changing to one new system that is more effective for staff working across the City,” he said.  

“TechnologyOne will help reduce time spent on manual processes, data entry and switching between systems — as well as provide a consolidated source of information for our diverse branches. 

“All that adds up to more time and energy for staff, contractors and volunteers to spend on what matters most; serving our community.” 

Though residents won’t experience the new digital platform themselves until the next phase of the rollout (currently scheduled for the second half of 2025), City of Subiaco Mayor David McMullen said the move to TechnologyOne aims to bring positive change for residents and ratepayers. 

“In order to remain positioned as a modern, business-like organisation — and a leader in the local government sector — well into the future, the City of Subiaco needs the right mix of traditional human-centred processes, and digital systems,” he said. 

“Introducing the TechnologyOne platform to our staff is a step in an ongoing transformation. The TechnologyOne system promises to equip the City to deliver for our growing community, with a focus on continuous improvement, innovation, organisational efficiency and high-level customer experience". 

TechnologyOne Chief Executive Officer Ed Chung said a more seamless, enjoyable customer experience is at the centre of the City’s digital transformation project. 

“The City of Subiaco is dedicated to its digital transformation journey; the first step of which will provide more streamlined digital tools to its staff, to allow them to do their best work in serving the community,” he said. 

“We’re excited to support the City in this next step on its digital journey – and can’t wait for residents to experience the benefits.” 

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