Monday, 17 June 2024

City hosts Prospect delegates for site visits

Last week, the City of Subiaco welcomed a delegation from the City of Prospect, South Australia, for site visits of key development projects.

The interstate visitors intended to learn from successful projects in Perth to inform their own development plans, particularly for a newly-acquired commercial site adjacent to a significant sports and recreation precinct.

Mayor Matt Larwood of the City of Prospect expressed his enthusiasm for the visit.

“Seeing how the City of Subiaco has integrated community spaces, sporting facilities, heritage and commercial developments has provided us with valuable insights which we can use to inform our vision for the Prospect Lifestyle Precinct,” he said.

“This visit has been an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from Subiaco's successes."

The itinerary included an overview of development sites, visits to notable commercial and mixed use areas such as Rokeby Road, and the Union and Redfern Heritage Area.

Mayor David McMullen of the City of Subiaco welcomed his Mayoral counterpart, and the delegation from Prospect, to WA.

"The City of Subiaco is committed to creating vibrant, sustainable and integrated community spaces that blend heritage conservation with modern development,” he said.

“We were glad to show off what's great about our City, to our interstate visitors.

“There is a lot of value to be unlocked, when local governments share experiences, and learn from each other."

The City also used the opportunity to speak to their visitors about the recent redevelopment of City of Prospect's civic centre.

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