Wednesday, 30 June 2021

City’s first Social Infrastructure Report puts community at the fore

Social infrastructure is made up of the facilities, spaces, services and networks that support the quality of life and wellbeing of our community.

Council endorsed the City’s first Social Infrastructure Report at its meeting on Tuesday 22 June.

The report is intended to inform decision making on what to invest in and advocate for on behalf of the community to ensure the needs of the population now and into the future are met.

It will assist with the planning and development of social infrastructure, such as schools, parks, libraries and community centres, as the City grows.

With changing policy directions, demographics, population, aging infrastructure and financial constraints, a more efficient and sustainable approach to social infrastructure planning is critical to ensure social capital, inclusion and cohesion is strengthened in the community. Exploring opportunities to collaborate to deliver social infrastructure is also essential.

The City received over 100 responses to the survey, and gained valuable insight into the needs of the community. Congratulations to David from Shenton Park on winning the survey prize draw; a $100 dining voucher at his chosen local restaurant, the Lady of Ro.

Mayor Penny Taylor said this report would guide the delivery of the City’s facilities, spaces, services and networks in a sustainable way, whilst taking social, environmental and economic impacts and opportunities into consideration.

“Population growth will have implications for the type, location and delivery of future social infrastructure across the City and this report will help inform the ongoing needs for maintaining the quality of life for our community,” she said.
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