Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Bin tagging results are in

Earlier this year, 832 bins across the City were visually inspected as part of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council's bin tagging program.

The results were very encouraging, noting a decrease in the number of properties that had contamination in their general waste, recycling, and FOGO bins.

The most common mistake was putting soft plastics in FOGO and recycling bins. Don't forget to place soft plastics (including cereal bags, cling wrap, plastic bags, lolly wrappers, bubble wrap, chip packets and more) into your red-lidded general waste bin. 

Bin tagging is an educational opportunity to give residents direct feedback about how to better sort their waste. 

If you're unsure which bin to put something in, check the Recycle Right A-Z Directory, or call the West Metro Recycling Centre Hotline on 9384 6711.

extraMile by Dapth