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Heritage news and projects

City of Subiaco Heritage Advisory Service - Call for Nominations

The City of Subiaco is seeking nominations for its Heritage Advisory Service. 
This service provides heritage architectural and conservation advice to owners of places of cultural heritage significance located within the City of Subiaco.

The Nomination Criteria and Terms and Conditions are available here.

Nominations should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and posted to the City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904 or emailed to by 5pm on 6 March 2019.

If you have any questions please contact Sofia Boranga, Coordinator Heritage & Projects on 9237 9222.

Heritage Assessments

The City of Subiaco has undertaken a heritage area assessment of numbers 282-300 Hamersley Road, 6 & 8 Sadlier Street, and the western side of Derby Road (numbers 1-37). The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether these properties are suitable for consideration as part of the Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area. A report will be presented to Council in November requesting endorsement to formally advertise the proposed expanded Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area. The heritage assessment can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Heritage Grants

If you are the owner of a property listed on the Town Planning Scheme Heritage List or a contributory place located within a heritage area you may be eligible to apply for funding through the City of Subiaco heritage grants fund.

The heritage grants fund provides funding for conservation works which are in the public view and enhance and reveal the heritage significance of the property and/or urgent conservation works required in order to stabilise a building. Generally eligible projects are entitled to 50% of the total cost of the works up to a maximum of $5,000 however this may vary depending on the competitiveness of the grant round.

Applications for the next round close Friday 29 March 2019 at 5pm.

For further information please contact the city's Heritage Officer on 9237 9222 or email

Strategic Heritage Plan

The city is preparing a Heritage Strategic Plan to guide the management of the city’s rich and unique heritage and celebrate it into the future. The plan will provide a framework for the preservation of the city’s heritage across four key areas:

  • Knowing – identifying and recording the places, stories and objects that represent the city’s rich history
  • Protecting – conserving, adapting and appropriately developing the city’s heritage places
  • Supporting – facilitating and encouraging the conservation and management of the city’s heritage
  • Promoting – increasing an awareness and appreciation of the city’s diverse heritage

Community involvement in the development of this strategic plan is important. There will be a number of opportunities for the community and stakeholders to have their say throughout the process.

Community heritage surveys

The city is conducting community heritage surveys, with the aim of identifying and protecting buildings and streetscapes of heritage value. This is a collaborative project between the city and the community. A survey is currently being undertaken in the following area:

  • Numbers 282-300 Hamersley Road, 6 & 8 Sadlier Street and the western side of Derby Road (numbers 1-37). Council has resolved to consider expanding the recently designated Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area to include these places. Including these places will link the Hamersley Road and Sadlier and Redfern Street Heritage Areas and provide protection to a relatively intact heritage streetscape in Derby Road.

Newly listed areas

Salisbury and Rupert Street Heritage Area

The Salisbury and Rupert Street Heritage Area comprises of Nos. 84-106 Salisbury Street, 89-123 Rupert Street, 17-59 Heytesbury Road and 2-12 Nicholson Road. Together with the adjacent Chesters’ Subdivision Heritage Area and the Kershaw Street Heritage Area the area is a comprehensive collection of places that epitomize the physical and traditional social character of what is now known as the City of Subiaco’s Triangle Precinct.
The history of the houses in this area helps to demonstrate the original settlement of this part of Subiaco as a solid middle class area, in which the family residences of more senior white-collar workers existed side by side with the smaller, but still well-built, houses of more junior white collar workers, retail employees and skilled tradespeople.
Click here to learn more about the interesting history of the area, the individual properties within it and some of the early residents that lived in the area. A hard copy of the heritage assessment is also available in the Local History Section at Subiaco Library.

Detail-cover-Heytesbury-(1).jpg Detail-cover-Salisbury-(99).jpg

Newly listed places

Recent additions to the city's Town Planning Scheme Heritage List include:

No. 201 Railway Road, Subiaco

No. 201 Railway Road, Subiaco is a residential and commercial premises constructed in 1927 (residence) and 1934 (shop) in the Inter-War Californian Bungalow style. The place has been assessed as being of ‘considerable significance’ (level 2) to the city, has a high level of integrity and authenticity and is considered rare as an example of a corner store still in commercial operation.

The statement of significance reads:

  • The place has aesthetic value as a simple expression of Inter war styling executed in brick for commercial and residential functions;
  • The place is a landmark in the streetscape for its continuity of commercial function since 1934;
  • The place has historic value for its association with the growth of the district in the Inter war period as demonstrated by the increase of services to residents; and
  • The place has social value for its association with the provision of services to the community from 1934.