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Heritage news and projects

Heritage News

Heritage Grants Fund

If you are the owner of a property listed on the Local Planning Scheme Heritage List or a contributory place located within a heritage area, you may be eligible to apply for funding through the City of Subiaco heritage grants fund.

The heritage grants fund provides funding for conservation works which are in the public view and enhance and reveal the heritage significance of the property and/or urgent conservation works required in order to stabilise a building. Generally eligible projects are entitled to 50% of the total cost of the works up to a maximum of $5,000 however this may vary depending on the competitiveness of the grant round.

Applications closed on Monday 23 March 2020. The next round of applications will open in September 2020.

Biennial Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Building Awards discontinued

The City of Subiaco launched its biennial Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Building Awards in 2014 with the aim of showcasing quality examples of conservation, adaptation and development in relation to heritage places. The low number of nominations received for the most recent awards in 2018 prompted a review of the awards which concluded that the City’s size and low development activity cannot sustain biennial awards. As a result, Council has resolved to discontinue the awards.

The City is considering more effective ways to celebrate and raise awareness of the City’s rich and diverse heritage.

For further details please refer to the Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 March 2020

Heritage Strategy

The City’s Heritage Strategy was endorsed by Council at its meeting on 10 December 2019. The key themes of the strategy are:

  • Knowing - Identifying, assessing and documenting our tangible and intangible heritage.
  • Protecting - Securing statutory protection of significant places and areas, adapting and appropriately developing the City's heritage places, preserving the museum and local history collection.
  • Supporting - Incentives, advisory services, financial assistance, education and professional development.
  • Promoting and communicating - Measures to raise awareness and appreciation of our history and heritage.

Newly listed areas

Expanded Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area

At its meeting in June, Council resolved to expand the Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area to include Numbers 282 – 300 & 283-287 Hamersley Road, 6 & 8 Sadlier Street and the western side of Derby Road (Numbers 1-37). A heritage assessment determined that the historic and social values of these properties were consistent with the heritage values of the adjacent Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area and the Sadlier and Redfern Street Heritage Area. 

Including these properties in the expanded Hamersley Road Group Heritage Area provides for a larger collection of places of local significance representing the development of modest suburban houses in response to the approval and construction of the Daglish Railway Station in 1922-1924.

Click here to learn more about the history of the area and the properties that have been included in the expanded heritage area. A hard copy of the assessment is also available in the local history section at Subiaco Library.

37-Derby-Road-(1).jpg 294-Hamersley-Road.jpg

Newly listed places

Recent additions to the city's Town Planning Scheme Heritage List include:

123 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco

This attractive Federation Queen Anne style house was built in 1914 by local carpenter/builder Alfred Jesse Welch and was nominated for inclusion on the Heritage List by the property owner.


To learn more about the history and significance of this place click here.


National Trust Classification of Daglish

Daglish has been classified by the National Trust of Western Australia as a place of cultural heritage significance. The classification makes an important statement about the history and cultural heritage values of Daglish, without adding restrictions on development for homeowners. For further information click here

Re-instating turnstiles at Subiaco Oval Gates

Football may be gone but the City of Subiaco seeks to honour its cultural contribution, by supporting a push to have heritage turnstiles re-instated at the Subiaco Oval heritage-listed entry gates. For further information click here.